Obama State Dept Official Stabs Barack In The Back With Muslim Admission

For years, former President Barack Obama refused to use the term “radical Islam,” but now, one of his former State Department officials has stepped forward to spill the beans on one of the Obama’s least understood policies with an unbelievable truth bomb that has his former boss furious.

According to TDaily Caller, one former Department of State official admitted Monday that the reason no one in the Obama regime referred to certain acts of terror as “radical Islam” is because they were afraid of alienating Muslim allies.

Richard Stengel, who previously served as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, recently wrote an op-ed for The New York Times and told America that there was a crystal clear reason no one could label various acts of terror as “radical Islam.” He remarked that they were instead mandated to use the term “violent extremism.”

According to Stengel, Obama did not want to alienate Muslim allies in the Middle East by using the forbidden term. He also said that despite accusations and criticisms from Republicans, Obama’s reasons didn’t have anything to do with being “too timid or too politically correct.”

Stengel wrote, “To defeat radical Islamic extremism, we needed our Islamic allies – the Jordanians, the Emiratis, the Egyptians, the Saudis – and they believed that term unfairly vilified a whole religion. They also told us that they did not consider the Islamic State to be Islamic, and its grotesque violence against Muslims proved it.”

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He added that since the Trump administration seems dead-set on using “radical Islam” when describing the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, we should let Muslim allies know that it doesn’t refer to them.

Obama’s reason for not identifying our enemies is beyond belief. The Muslim world spawned these terrorist groups and has done very little to keep them in check. In fact, the latest trend in Middle East countries is to refuse refugees from places where they know terrorist strongholds are located.

The Obama administration did a horrible job of combating radical Islam. We are paying the price for his decision and lack of leadership today. It is obvious that Stengel is an anti-Trump guy. His “moment of truth” doesn’t change years of bad policy or the effects of it. Personally, I prefer Trump’s method of identifying enemies and just calling them what they are, radical Islamists. If the Muslims don’t like the way these “radicals” are practicing their religion, perhaps they should fault the “extremists,” not those calling them out for their terroristic behavior.