SHOCK VIDEO : Muslim Woman Caught on Video Acting Innocent then STABBING Officer

This incident in Beitar, Israel is absolutely DISGUSTING and plays out like a horror film.

Watch this Muslim Woman walking up and acting innocent in the set up. She even appears to be asking the officer for help.

The officer clearly has his guard down when this evil creature sneakily pulls a knife from her bag to stab the unsuspecting police officer.


From AngryPatriot

This is not the first time we have seen attacks such as this take place.

Just last week we found a very similar video, where a girl was at a bus station and wielded a knife against some soldiers, only to be shot down.

There are now reports of propaganda videos telling young children how to “stab a Jew.” Do a quick search on YouTube and you will see dozens of videos like this.

It is now at the point where you simply cannot trust any Muslim because you have no idea how they are going to respond.

Are they sincere and peaceful or are they just setting you up for a heartless attack so they can rid the earth of one more infidel?

That very question is at the heart of President Trump’s travel ban. He’s concerned for the true safety of the American people. While liberals scream from the high heavens his order is racist and “proves” the right wing to be nothing more than bigots, the reality is these people want to hurt us, period.

Honestly, even with extreme vetting, how do we know someone is not a lifelong plant and groomed to come here to commit terrorism? The simple answer is that we don’t.

Remember the days of the cold war when the Russians would move entire families here and raise their children as regular citizens, only to activate them some 20 years later when they had them in the proper place to do the most damage?

Can we really risk that happening here when a single person has the capability to do so much damage? Think Orlando. Think Boston. Think Dallas.

Call me a racist if you like, but I would rather keep the people of this country safe than allow even one terrorist access to my fellow countrymen.