U.S. Teacher: “The Only Good Trump Supporter is a DEAD TRUMP SUPPORTER”

A teacher from Tennessee has just been fired for claiming that the only good supporter of President Trump is a “dead Donald Trump supporter,” via Gateway Pundit.

A substitute teacher in Rutherford County schools in Tennessee is no longer permitted to work in their schools after allegedly posting threatening politically charged messages on social media. The school district said they received several messages on Wednesday that a substitute teacher allegedly made “inappropriate” and “threatening comments” on Facebook during the work day. One of the posts read: “The only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter.”

These are types of people teaching children in the United States today. Many of them are anti-American nutjobs with no character or morals whatsoever.

Teachers and professors no longer care for teaching so much as indoctrinating. Unfortunately, they are winning thanks to hardcore leftists like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media.

How can lefties claim to be tolerant when they openly advocate for death and violence? All these people want to do is protest and cause massive amounts of chaos.

It’s not only tragic and absurd, but it’s downright un-American.

President Trump won’t stand for this kind of BS, Nor should he. It’s time to take a stand.

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