The radical Muslim way of life continues to permeate throughout the West, but don’t count on liberals to speak about it. they’re too concerned with supposed Islamophobia.

However, we want to be concerned about the disgustful cultural norms radical Muslims intend to bring to our country. as an example, a bunch of Muslims was caught on tape in Toronto claiming it’s okay to make love a nine-year-old girl just because she is “considered an adult.”

I don’t care what Muhammad thought was appropriate — there’s no sharia law in Canada! And it’s definitely not in the united states either.

In this country, we’ve got another term for sleeping with a nine-year-old. there’s nothing “consensual” about it—we call it kid rape.

Nine-year-old girls don’t seem to be prepared for the emotional burden it takes to be involved in a sexual relationship. that’s why they’re unable to give consent. And this, my friends, is simply one of the several reasons why we must always have a thorough vetting process for Muslims who come to the united states from countries that bow to sharia law.

If any of the men during this video tried to sleep with a young girl here in the united states, they would right away be in a world of hurt. Obviously, the girl’s parents would be seeing red. they might be found and charged by authorities, amid much outrage by the public.

After the justice system had run its course, any of those men, who insist sharia law is the way to go, would be sentenced by our laws as they must be.
These men would be registered as sex offenders. they might have their names plastered everywhere the net, and they would have trouble renting residences or finding work. And that’s IF they didn’t get a long jail sentence.

In these situations, if the offending male or males are white, there’s appropriately fueled outrage, however the second it’s revealed the unofficial sex offender is Muslim, something else happens altogether. Specifically, lots of liberals quiet right down.

nless, of course, somebody dares to condemn him for his “religious beliefs.” Liberals would right away label such someone a bigot. just as they have done with Donald Trump.

The united states and Canada cannot afford to be fundamentally changed in this manner. we cannot afford to have a section of the population who believes their own religious laws supersede the laws of the nation. Anyone who says it’s okay to sleep with a young girl desires his head examined!